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Job Title: Volunteer Licensed Clinical Specialist needed for Nonprofit Medical Enrollment
Job Status: active
Location: Lemay
Detroit, Michigan 48214
Job ID: 011019
Years Of Experience: 0 Years
Salary: (not specified)
Available positions: 4 of 4 positions available
Job Details: Example licensed clinical specialist types that can help with the enrollment process and can be a part of our Medical & Non- Medical Division of our nonprofit. Searching in the Detroit Metro area in Michigan *Anesthesiology Assistant *Mass immunization roster biller *Psychologist, Clinical *Audiologist *Nurse practitioner *Certified nurse midwife *Occupational therapist in private practice *Psychologist billing independently *Certified registered nurse anesthetist *Registered Dietitian or Nutrition Professional *Physical therapist in private practice *Clinical nurse specialist *Speech Language Pathologist *Clinical social worker *Physician assistant Summary: The licensed professional will have to enroll in the (The Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) for the Medicare and the to register through the Champs system for the Typical Medicaid enrollment. The Licensed Professional will register within the sites and attach their selves to our nonprofit using our application ID and company info. Once completed and approved for the license, the licensed professional and Met Plus can discuss pay and program description that will be a mutual benefit. Requirements: *Must be willing to conduct a background check *Must possess one of the required license or certifications listed above *Must be willing to complete the required info online 855i and or 855R Medicare in the PECOS and the Typical *Medicaid Champs application. *Must be willing to get a National Provider Identification (NPI#) if you don’t already possess one through * Must know how to work a computer * Must be willing to learn the coding and billing of the services you will provide * Must be willing to work effectively as part of a team and to communicate information in a variety of formats. * Must be willing to work under minimum to no supervision. * Must be willing to accept and develop new patients’ relationships * Must have excellent communications and organizational skills. * Detail oriented and able to multi-task *Must be able to handle constructive criticism *Must be a team player *Must be humble and a people person We are very flexible to your schedule Please email if interested Website: WWW.METPLUS.ORG
Education Requirements: Other , Licensed Clinical Specialist
Licenses Required: ,
Language Proficiency:
Job Skills: None
Other Skills: